I feel obligated to state the following, given the levels of litigiousness, paranoia, political correctness, and general lunacy that's floating around on the web.

Anything I state here is my opinion and/or experience only.  Assume that everything I say is bullshit, has no basis in reality, and is nothing more than the psychobabbling of a fevered mind. I am not suggesting anyone do drugs, electrocute their brain, leave their body, perform magic, and anything else one might be inspired to do as a result of reading anything on this site. I generally edit one time, and whatever errors slip through, so be it. I suck at typing and spelling, so grammar Nazis, unless you want to volunteer your editing services (which would be great!), please refrain from sharing your critiques. Assume everything I say here is fiction, which means any account of illegal activities is nothing more than that.  I admit to nothing, Duncan Stroud is not my name (it's taken from Macbeth and the Birdman of Alcatraz), confess nothing and I don't live in the U.S.

If you have to get in touch with me for some reason, write me at duncan.stroud@gmail.com.  I do not read my mail often, so given the massive number of spam emails in my inbox, I suggest you use the subject line of "DUNCANSTROUD.COM" (all caps) followed by anything you want to add.  In this way, there is a better chance I will see your email and not just bulk drop into the trash.