The Benefits of Cold Showers
Cold showers change my life in ways I did not expect. Besides all the health benefits, the psychological benefits are astounding. I only wish I had access to ice baths and cryo tanks! It is a traditional kundalini yoga practice as well as a Siberian kindergarten activity.

inside ice babies 2.jpgMany of the problems I see people dealing with daily could be relieved, or at least mitigated, just by taking cold showers.  Not only does it have a profound health effect, but it builds one's psyche, will, and determination.  This is my video on colds showers, but I also added some other videos from the "Ice Man" Wim Hof, who has performed seemingly miracles with his cold showers and breathing techniques.

It's no wonder that the children of Siberia are extraordinarily healthy, given they take cold, as in Siberian cold, showers daily.  Here is an article from the Siberian Times, where they note teachers saying "'The children who do have the ice showers are also are more sensible, balanced - and optimistic. They are better organized."

This is not surprising to me, just as it is not surprising how a life of "comfort" breads lazy, stupid, whiny, unhappy, less balanced, less optimistic, less organized people.


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